Thursday, 18 August 2016

Week 06 games

There is a lot more in pool business than as we all think. We can't make millions in this business just like that without sacrifice and perseverance. Pool sometimes is LUCK and there are more than 49 KEYS governing coupon. Ur luck shines if they follow your key without going vice versa.
So my People let's work harder and pray they follow our KEY for each week. I present to you all number XX23XX week as a full time draw
Bradford C v Shrewsbury week 05 2015 XX25XX
Coventry v Shrewsbury week 05 2016 XX27XX
Following week 06 Bradford C to meet Coventry to finish the key
2015/2016 Week 04-06
Swindon v Bradford C home win 33ff
Week 05 Bradford C meet Shrewsbury XX25XX
following week 06 Bradford C entered coupon number 23 away and drew
2016/2017 Week 04-06
Swindon v Coventry home win 23ff
Week 05 Coventry meet Shrewsbury XX27XX
following week 06 Coventry enter coupon number 23 away to draw

Current setting Proof for number XX37XX
Week 04 Cheltenham v Leyton O XX28XX
Week 05 Cheltenham to meet opponent of Newport Co while Leyton O to enter no 41 home
Week 06 Cheltenham v Doncaster 37??
Week 07 Cheltenham to meet opponent of Newport Co while
Doncaster to enter no 41 home

23xx37 is 2/2 this week 06
03 Away win
31 Away win
N/B If the two above away wins played as predicted, we are very assure of 2/2 next week 07 else it won't work
Stay tuned!


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